Shiktehawk carefully and prayerfully selects the most enthusiastic teens and young adults to serve at Camp.

The staff want to make Camp just as much fun as they had growing up going as campers! We have a high standard

of who we hire. They go through interviews, reference checks, and a training weekend and week before the summer starts.


Our staff forms a close-knit community with a common goal: share God’s love in word and deed to people of all ages

that come to Shiktehawk.

If you or someone you know have interest in spending your summer at camp serving, growing and learning how to love like Jesus - fill out a staff application!

Applications Due January 24th


During Winter Camp

Staff Training 2020 : June 20th-26th

Edith Lank Memorial Christian Camp on beautiful Campobello Island is hiring staff for the summer of 2020. Shiktehawk Bible Camp is helping them in their hiring process. If you are interested in working this summer on their staff team click the apply now button and apply under the Edith Lank Application.

Other Summer Staff Opportunities

Shiktehawk Builders

Build Team


This summer we are building a brand-new chapel at camp!  This is a significant project that will require some good help.  We are in search of 4 staff members that will be able to help us with this project.  The work will be carpentry related and you will be assisting experienced carpenters to complete the work.  On-the-job training will be offered and emphasized. There is no need for previous experience, however a good mechanical aptitude would definitely be an asset and preference will be given to those who have some construction experience.  The work will be full-time and mostly outdoors. We will be primarily constructing the roof system of the chapel so being ok with heights is recommended. For those planning to pursue a licensed carpentry trade in the future, all of your construction time can be applied to your required hours for apprenticeship.  You will still be able to enjoy all of benefits of working at camp with the enjoyment of camp friends, a place to stay, meals, and soaking in the amazing environment of camp where your faith can grow and flourish.


Start Date: as early as May 4.  Later start dates are available for those in high school

End Date: Aug 17th.

Pay: Starting @ $506/week.  More experienced up to $660/week.

Employment Partners Program*

Number of Positions: 10-12

All Senior Camp Staff have the option to gain more weeks of employment through our Employment Partners Program.  In 2018 we had 8 staff work with a local sugar bush, wherein they would work at the sugar bush each day and live at Shiktehawk.  This option does require transportation or a partnership with a fellow staff to get to and from work each day.  Staff who participate in this have the opportunity to gain up to 15 weeks of total employment between Shiktehawk and the employment partners (5 – 7 weeks with the partner and 8 -10 weeks with SBC).

Wages: $11.50-$13.50 per hour.

Time periods: 4-5 weeks, 5 days per week, 8-10 hours per day. May 6 – June 21.

*Please indicate on your staff application if you would like to participate in this program.

Go Teams

We have a brand-new opportunity to serve the Lord at camp!  This year we are partnering with Edith Lank Memorial Christian Camp on beautiful Campobello Island to help run their programs this summer.  I (Jon MacDonald) served there for 3 summers many years ago and had the time of my life. They are a small but effective camp ministry that has been operating since 1955.  They are a sister camp to Shiktehawk. They are owned and operated by the Wilson’s Beach Baptist Church.  


Our goal is to help the camp with their staffing this summer.  Their season is not as long as ours, so we are going to have teams that we are calling GoTeams travel down to Edith Lank to help fill their staffing needs for the weeks they are in session.  


If you are interested in this opportunity please indicate this on your staff application.  You will have the choice of how many weeks you would like to spend on the GoTeam. Renumeration will be negotiated through your regular Shiktehawk Staff contract (for specifics see details on the various positions). For more information or questions please contact Jon MacDonald at or (506) 392-6556.

Summer Director

Office Administrator 

Specialized Senior Camp Staff

Leaders in Training (LIT)

Assistant Summer Director

Senior Camp Staff

Junior Camp Staff


Edith lank summer staff

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