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Our Story

In 1935, the idea for “a training for young people in Christian leadership-and where young people could be brought to the knowledge of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." (Camp minutes - June 1935) first came about. Much time has passed and many changes have occurred, but this statement still stands true. It is believed that it was along the banks of the Shiktehawk stream an Indigenous chief won a great battle. The name Shiktehawk means ‘Where he conquered.’ Today, a history of conquering has been established along the stream. Conquering not over physical battles, but spiritual ones. Things have changed a great deal since those early years of camp, but one thing that remains the same is that “Jesus Never Fails”.  For more than 80 years Shiktehawk Bible Camp has been a life changing place for many. Shiktehawk Bible Camp is proudly owned by the Northwest Association of Baptist Churches in Carleton & Victoria County.  Representatives from these 28 churches form our Advisory Board and The Camp Council – which directly governs the camp.

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