July 5th – 10th




The Bay of Fundy is a national treasure and it’s in our back yard. Tide is your chance to sea kayak for a week exploring coves, cliffs, beaches and experience the worlds highest tides. It is not uncommon to see numerous types of sea life from whales to porpoise to seals.  For those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award you can use this camp towards your bronze, silver or gold levels.






June 5th


July 12th – 17th



Two camping trips, two different activities, challenge + is designed for those who want to

spend some time at Shiktehawk, some time rock climbing and some time canoeing down the St. John River.  The rock climbing section of the camp will take place in Welsford over two days, canoeing will be on the St John River from Bristol to Hartland with a campout taking place in Peel.


July 26th – 31st



Canoe Camp is a four day wilderness adventure. The first day you will arrive at Shiktehawk, we will

check your canoeing and a camping gear then head straight out to Spednic Lake Nature Preserve. The next four days you will be camping on islands, canoeing, swimming, cooking over a fire as well as having evening programs like wide games and talent shows. Canoe Camp is a great introduction to our wilderness camps. For those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award you can use this camp towards your bronze or silver levels.


August 12th - 14th



If you are looking to try canoeing white water, then Rapid is the camp for you. You will canoe from campsite to campsite as you start near McAdam on the St Croix river and end Loon Bay. The St. Croix is a perfect introductory river for white water as it has lots of easy rapids, which are excellent for training the skills needed for running rapids safely, and it also has a couple of rapids which will test campers as well. 

For those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award you can use this camp towards your bronze level.


August 2nd – 7th



If you love mountain biking then look no further, during this camp you will develop skills and learn

how to maintain bikes. On Wednesday and Thursday you will head to the single track trails around

Fredericton and Minto. During this trip you will be camping in the Minto area on Wednesday night. When you

are not involved in mountain biking you will be joining with X-treme Adventure.

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