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Family Camp

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August 4 - 7th 2023

What you can expect at Family Camp
You can expect that this will the best weekend of your summer.  There is so much to do with your family.  Activities for people of all ages.  If you are an adult this camp is the camp for big kids.  If you're a kid this is the camp where you bring your parents to show them how fun camp can be.  The schedule is relaxed, a laid-back campground feel, giving you lots of time to spend with your loved ones and friends.  You can take your pick of how busy you want to be.  Every hour of the day you can choose from lots of fun stuff to do, or you can take nap!  Here is just a short list of things that will happen during this highly popular weekend:
  • Fireworks
  • Guest speaker: Mark Saunders
  • Band: Dustin Peterson, Joel Hopkins, and David Alexander
  • Drive-in movie theatre
  • Camp activities: Waterfront, pool, games room, family games, tuck shop, climbing wall, zipline, archery, crafts, mountain biking, pedal carts, hiking trails, ropes course, bouncy castle, outdoor cooking, fencing, slip n slide, and much more!
  • Chocolate bar bingo
  • Parent night with baby-sitters!
  • Variety show
  • Family campfires
  • Amazing food
  • Market meal - guaranteed to be a culinary adventure!
  • Optional adventures: hiking and canoeing
  • Big top
  • Morning Radio show
  • Theme meals

If you would like to bring an extended family member to Sequoia it is $25 dollars for the duration of their stay.



Cabin with washroom


Motel room with washroom




RV site


Tent Site       

Price Per Night






Meal Plans

Adult meal package (13+) 8 meals


Kids meal package

(3-12) 8 meals


Kids 2 and under


Pay as you go adult


Pay as you go child 


Market Meal (Adult/Kid)   






$10 / meal

$7.50 / meal


Sample schedule

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