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Volunteers are an essential part of our ministry here at camp. Each volunteer will get two weeks of volunteering in either the kitchen, cabin or on the maintenance team. Most of our staff started as a volunteer and it is a great way to begin your journey of serving at camp while growing in your faith, making friends and learning new skills. Volunteers are required to fill out an application which can be found by clicking on "apply now" below  but select 'volunteer application.' Applications for volunteers will open on February 1st are due by March 31st.

You are also required to attend Boot Camp which is a mandatory training to ensure all of our volunteers are prepared for when they come. We also encourage all of our volunteers to stay the rest of the week at camp and join in on our teen camp activities. If you are chosen to stay for YELP, we will transfer the funds and switch your registration from Xtreme to YELP.


Boot Camp
(Youth Volunteer Training)

A two-day training camp for new and returning volunteers. These few days will be filled with learning the ins and outs of camp through training sessions, team building activities, and everything else you need to know for the best summer ever! Drop off at 6pm Sunday and pickup 5pm on Tuesday. There is also an option to stay the remainder of the week and experience the fun of Xtreme Adventure!

(Youth Experimental Leadership




July 2nd - 5th


Boot Camp/Yelp: $260

YELP is a program for potential future staff members! Following Boot Camp, certain young teens are invited to stay the remainder of the week and dive deeper into what it means to be a staff member at camp. Opportunities that YELP campers have include, going on an overnight camping trip, discovering more about the bible, learning how to lead campers and getting deeper insight into how camp works!




June 30th - July 2nd


Boot Camp Only: $60

Boot Camp/Xtreme: $340


If you or someone you know have interest in spending a few weeks of your summer at camp serving, growing, and learning how to love like Jesus - fill out a volunteer application!



Technology Policy

In an effort to balance the work / life relationship at camp, and to hold to the values we hold that camp is a place where people can experience a deeper connection with God and others we have decided to adopt a new cell phone and electronic device policy. In the past, we find that those who are willing to put their electronics aside have a better experience and we hope that this is something that can encourage you to take a break from the media that is a constant in our world and experience deep connection with others, with God and with nature. Read more about this policy below and prayerfully consider this sacrifice with your decision to apply.

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