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Join us on December 2 from 9:00am-12:00pm for our men's event. A breakfast and snack will be provided. 

Join like-minded men for a gathering designed to broaden our understanding of biblical manhood.

We are seeking to add value, purpose and meaning to life by encouraging an unwavering commitment to follow Christ.

The focus will be on virtue and valour by expanding godly character, understanding our roles as Christian men and engaging in social interactions that are designed to help all of us become the good men we were designed to be. 

Let’s be resolute in making a difference in our families and communities by stepping up to our calling as men of God.


3 Options to Register:

1. Click the "register now" button below to register for this event through our online registration system.

2. Send an email to and give us your contact info and who is coming.  Pay the day of event.

3. Call us at (506) 392-6556 and leave us a message with your contact info and who is coming.  Pay the day of event.
Cost: $20 per person
Ages: 16+

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