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In partnership between Camp Shiktehawk and Crandall University, we are excited to offer students a different type of educational experience. Following a model of “experiential education,” the ClayStone Experience will offer students the opportunity to complete 30 university credits in a rotation of contexts including outdoor adventure, a large urban setting and domestic and international cross-cultural environments.

FALL 2020



Paddle Canada flat water canoe & kayak skills


Our focus is to develop the core skills needed to undertake future expeditions. We will spend time rock climbing, bouldering and introducing students to climbing history, equipment and techniques.

We will also be developing personal skills in canoes and sea kayaks. Students will be introduced to the Paddle Canada curriculum, which focuses on personal skills, decision-making, leadership & rescues.

We will also be spending a day introducing students to outdoor rock climbing, knots, belaying and climbing equipment.



Up to Paddle Canada level 1 skills & 1 academic credit hour course


Students will take part in a 6-day expedition on the Bay of Fundy. During the late summer/early fall expect to see lots of marine wildlife as we explore the coastal areas around Grand Manan and it’s archipelago. The Bay of Fundy has the largest tides on earth, which highlights the dynamic nature of this sea kayak trip on “The Bay”.

Skills taught: Kayaking skills, marine navigation, tides, rescue skills, environmental awareness, leadership, personal judgement, route planning & camping skills.



1 academic credit hour course


Students will take part in a 5-day trip to the granite cliffs in Welsford. Half of our time will primarily focused on teaching and practicing skills you will need to safely rock climb on your own or with a group of friends. The second half of our time will be spent climbing different types of rock climbs.

Skills taught: Climbing techniques, belaying, repelling, rescues, group management, rigging top ropes, knots, prussic techniques and correct use of climbing equipment.



Paddle Canada moving water and canoe tripping skills & an academic 1 credit hour course


Our 6-day expedition follows the St. Croix international waterway that borders New Brunswick and Maine. Our trip begins on the beautiful Chiputneticook Lake system then progresses onto the St Croix, which is a Canadian heritage river. Canoeing will take place on large lakes and up to class 3 rapids. Campsites are primitive with pit toilets, fire pits and little else.

Skills taught: Canoeing skills, white water canoeing skills, camp craft, navigation, leadership, canoe tripping skills, group management, canoeing history & swift water rescues.



Fundy Footpath is one of the most rigorous trails in Canada. “The Footpath” is 48kms in length and has around 5500ft of elevation gain as the trail hugs the dramatic coastline of the Bay of Fundy. Our backpacking trip will be a very challenging 5 days. Due to the nature of the trail and small campsites we will break into two groups on this trip. One team will tackle the entire trail while the other will hike a slightly shorter distance.


Navigation, leadership, camp craft, group management & risk management



WFA certification through the Canadian Red Cross


WFA course provides a comprehensive first aid and CPR training for those who work and respond to emergencies in isolated or wilderness settings. Training is also suitable for those who act as guides or supervisors for groups of people. The course covers material in Standard First Aid & CPR, plus advanced strategies for providing extended care for more than 24 hours. Part of the course is taught in an outdoor setting and requires greater physical activity and endurance than typical first aid training.



1 academic credit hour (along with rock climbing)


Depending on conditions we will be spending 3 days ice climbing during the winter semester. One day will be at Shiktehawk on our ice wall learning techniques and becoming comfortable with ice climbing equipment.  The other two days of instruction will be spent on local waterfalls as students learn skills and techniques required for safe ice climbing.

Skills taught: Ice climbing skills, equipment knowledge, equipment use, rigging systems & ice assessment.




Winter camping is a fun, amazing experience which very few people try. Students will be undertaking two winter camping trips as part of ClayStone. The first trip will be focused on teaching various winter camping techniques, snowshoeing and depending on the venue we use XC skiing.

The second trips focus will be a winter solo. Students will take all of the skills they have gleaned so far and spend 24 hours by themselves. Each person will have an axe, cooking pot, spoon, food, matches, rope, tarp, sleeping mat and sleeping bags.



Over the winter students will have lots of chances to go XC skiing on the trails at Shiktehawk. We will also spend at least one day skiing at the Nordic heritage ski center just over the board in Maine. This is where the US cross country ski team practice which speaks to the quality of the trails at the Nordic center.

Other venues we may use for skiing near by are Hartland golf course and the Valley outdoor center.



This trip will take place at the end of the ClayStone year. Possible venues are Acadia National Park, The White Mountains and Nova Scotia. The class will select the trip and plan the activities they will take part in. Possible activity options for this trip are hiking, white water canoeing, skiing, rock climbing, sea kayaking & kayak surfing.

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